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  • Louvis Mu

E-Learning Project

Educational Support for Stateless/Undocumented Children at Grace Training Centre, Tawau (Sabah)

With no immediate solution in sight for the ongoing battle against COVID-19 outbreak and with frequent restrictions imposed by the Movement Control Order (MCO), school education is compelled to rapidly transit from physical classes to fully online learning. While the government is making all efforts to help our national school students to adapt to the change, the stateless/undocumented children do not enjoy such benefits. The educational gap resulting from the digital inequality between these two groups of school children will get even wider than the existing gap if nothing is done to halt the deteriorating situation.

Grace Training Centre (GTC) is a registered institution providing basic education and training in living skills to more than 400 stateless children. The school is appealing to the general public to help fund the purchase of educational digital devices to be loaned to these students so that online classes may be conducted during school closure, and their education will not be interrupted.

"Stateless but Not Helpless Undocumented but Not Uneducated"

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